Men's Volleyball Camps & Clinics

EUMVB Program Principles

Eastern University Men's Volleyball Camps and clinics feature top players from selected schools and clubs. The training curriculum is designed to introduce new concepts that will help high school level players prepare to compete at the next level.

GOAL: We train for on-court success by emphasizing the Repeatable Good with occasional Greatness.

EXPLANATION: It is impossible to achieve absolute perfection. Insistence on perfection often prevents implementation of good habits resulting in diminishing returns in player development.

WHY I CARE: A considerable percent of our beautiful game is played unscripted or Out Of System(OOS). When we recognize those uncertainties within the game and embrace OOS play, we will improve considerably.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: The sense of urgency inherent in a target game like Volleyball will test your level of resilience and your positivity, as well as your commitment to team play & continuous improvement. We insist on a positive coaching and playing environment. Win a point? Lose a point? Make a mistake? Makes no difference the point’s over…NEXT!!!

Top athletes perform best when properly prepared. Preparation requires the mastery of three keys: READING, MOVING, and ACTING.

READING: Begins when the first ball is bounced. Every function on the volleyball court requires an element of reading. We emphasize its importance when teaching every skill & aspect of the game.

MOVING: Athletes move best when they are properly positioned and prepared to act. Each skill requires you to be positioned properly. Get in that position and assume you’ll have to move.

ACT: Know where you’re supposed to be; know where you’re supposed to go; BE AVAILABLE and assume the play is coming to you.

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